Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hugo's Poem

Leaving Soft Signatures
by Hugo Ramirez

I am Fontanillis Falls
the river that tumbles and ows
down from Fontanillis Lake to the Velmas.
I sprint
carving through the granite
leaving soft signatures behind.

I get stronger and stronger as
little creeks join me,
my family supporting me
their cheering makes me run
Their love and trust makes me feel
Together, we descend a mountain
Narrowing like a funnel.

I am challenged by trying to speak English,
a slow eddy going back upstream.
My current is Spanish,
fast, swift water.
I don’t want to be angry,
splashing all over the place.
I want to be comfortable
in both currents.

I learn to go the right way
by making mistakes,
like getting suspended in 7th grade,
being rude to a teacher.
This trouble
helped me make good decisions.
I was bored at home, missing my friends
while they were at school learning.

I am a caring river,
nurturing sh, my two brothers and six sisters.
Our happiness keeps our water
our food is laughter,
a splashing river
smashing over two granite rocks
my parents, my mom Evelia
my father Jose Luis,
help me go after what I want.
They help me with sports and school
showing me the right path,
giving happiness to all around me and a
fragrant smell.

I am a free river,
that’s going far away
ghting through tough times,
a river that wants to be heard
I am a happy river
succeeding in college,
endless possibilities,
lots of sunshine in my soul.

I am Fontanellis Falls
the river that tumbles and ows
down from Fontanellis lake to the Velmas.
I sprint
carving through the granite
leaving soft signatures behind.
I am a river.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

ARC 2008 Orientation Trip Explores the Sedgwick Reserve

Ten students from Santa Ynez High School, Santa Maria High School, Pioneer Valley High School, and Lompoc High attended the 2008 ARC Orientation trip the second weekend in May. Last year the heat put a damper on enjoying the great outdoors, but in 2008, the weather was perfect for our weekend trip.

The students decided to attend the weekend backpacking trip to learn more about ARC. After the weekend, they have a better idea of what the 40 days will be like during the summer.

Everyone had a great time hiking around the reserve, including one of the highest points, which provided an amazing view of the area.

Monday, March 31, 2008

ARC Sedgwick Reunion

The first weekend of March the Shizzle Masters reunited for a fun-filled weekend at Sedgwick Reserve. We went whale watching and not only saw one type of whale, but two: a humpback and a gray whale. We also saw a massive pod of thousands of dolphins. Luckily no one got too sea sick.

After the whale watching, we had a BBQ, hung out with Sue and worked on a grant, and slept in the studio. No more tent cabins for these grads!

Thanks Shizzle Masters for making this a fantastic 2008 reunion!