Friday, August 17, 2007

Final 5-Mile Run Baby!

Monday, July 30st, Day 37

We went to the starting point to start running. Jen came up with the idea of taking off a shoe and throw it in the front. The purpose was to grab your shoe and put it on and start running. She said it was ARC style. It was very funny to see everyone searching for their shoes. I was the first one to start running. I was very impressed to see everyone finishing the 5 miles in under 2 hours. It was very cool because then the volunteers cooked breakfast for us.

We started running at 7:09 a.m. Here are everyone’s times:
Luis: 40 minutes
Engels: 44 minutes
Kenia: 46 minutes
Angela: 57 minutes
Gerald: 59 minutes
Cindy: 62 minutes
Ilse: 70 minutes
Juan: 84 minutes

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