Friday, August 17, 2007

The transformation is realized

Monday, July 23rd, Day 30
Question of the Day: What does love mean to you?

Ana: Love is something that you feel in your heart when 2 people come in contact, and you have that trust and honesty.
Juan: Something precious you hold in your heart that never ends.
Angela: A feeling that is unexplainable.
Luis: Loves makes me dizzy.
Kenia: Respect and trust.
Engels: Connection and sentiments that connect each other that demonstrate love.
Cindy: Someone who cares for you and loves you how you are.
Gerald: Appreciation and a special attraction.
Tracey: Something special that you feel for someone else no matter what and willing to do something for that person.
Morgan: Learning how to share silence and respect the wilderness of that person.
Ilse: Caring, trust and honesty.

Since today is the day after our solo, I woke up and I don’t know what time but it was really warm. I was wondering what everyone else was doing. Also I began writing the apology letter and the other one of how we change during this time here in ARC. This was a reflection for me thinking how I was before and how I changed. It was kind of hard for me to concentrate and write because the mosquitoes were bugging me. I killed a few. But it was fun to be alone for 24 hours. It made me look and realize what mistakes I made before and want to change when I return home.

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