Friday, August 17, 2007

Finals...we are on our own! Yipee!!!

Tuesday, July 24th, Day 31

Today has been a very strange day. It was cloudy and sprinkling, windy, and very cold. We all ate breakfast, which was cereal, with milk powder and water with iodine. That was nasty, but that was the only thing we could eat. After that we all cleaned up, and started packing. WE were going to leave at 9 a.m., but we ended up learning early, which was at 7:53. We started hiking in a flat, nice, cool, forest area. Everyone was singing, some sang bad, and some sang….bad. JK Anyways, everyone was happy and couldn’t wait to get to our destination. We walked through very beautiful lakes, shining like a diamond. Juan fell because he wasn’t watching were he was going so he ended up falling down. We had to stop because it started to sprinkle, so we all looked stylish in all different color rain jackets. After a while, we had lunch. We ate PB and J in the rain, but we had shelter with our rain jackets, so it was pretty fun! After that we went on with our hiking and when we got to a creek, the trail ended, so we sent scouts to check for trails, they were successful, and we went on. When we arrived at Big 5 Lakes, we didn’t know where to stay, so Kenia, Gerald, and Cindy went to go scout. While they were scouting, Tracey, Angela, Ilse, Luis, Engels, Juan and I were sitting by the lake thinking about questions I should ask. When Engels climbed a big rock, Tracey was worried about his safety, and asked him to come with the group, as well as Ilse. A while later Kenia arrived and told us she found a spot, so we set up camp. Afterwards we all had nothing to do so we all sat in a circle and talked about Mexico, and we said jokes. Even though some were not funny, by the look of some peoples faces…JK.

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