Friday, August 17, 2007

First time alone in 29 days

Sunday, July 22nd, Day 29

Today we woke up at 6:15 as usual but first we packed then have breakfast soon so we could get to our destination Lost Canyon. We packed fast because it was really cold in the morning so the sun wouldn’t get us while we were hiking. But then it did. It was really complicated for everyone to hike because the trail was really sandy and was all up hill. Aah! How exhausting. Everyone was pushing themselves really hard because everyone was excited to go on their solo. Cindy was scared to go on the solo because she is afraid of the night. Finally we got to Lost Canyon. Everyone was tired. But it was worth it because we all wanted to be by ourselves to have time to think how much you changed over this course here in ARC. The time came and Morgan and Laura took us to our place where we were going to sleep. I got a pretty narly place to stay for 24 hours. In front I had a tree and on the middle it had a shape of a heart. It was cool. Then I got everything set up for me then I began to think of my family and I began to cry but then I got happy thinking soon I was going to see them. Then I fell asleep.

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