Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adventures in Evacuation

Wednesday, July 18th, Day 25

“We do not see things are they are. We see them as we are.”

We woke up like always at 6:15 a.m. but in a trampoline bed. Whoa! Only girls because we are special and the guys slept under a kiosco while Laura slept on the ground and Morgan having fun in the tree house by himself. Everyone was awake while Morgan was snoring in the tree house. We were working hard to get our things done at 6:45 am. We were 5 minutes late because not everyone was helping to get the things in the van. When we wer ready to go to UCSB someone noticed that the van was stinking really bad because everyone is dirty and we all smell bad. It was really funny when that happened. Then we were riding on the van and Jen told us that we can choose our last three dinners because Kenia’s idea of making Morisqueta. We can all chose 2 more dinners. We were choosing and we decided to have chicken enchiladas and tacos de carne asada. Oh que delicioso. We all need to show up our self that we know how to cook so get ready Morgan, Jen and Laura. Then we got to UCSB and it was like always. Whoa! Not like our second day running in SB beach. Luis like always running really hard. Engles was running but had and interruption happened diarrhea came to him and he had it to run to the bathroom he told us that when he was in the bathroom the person that cleans the bathroom came and he opened the door and saw Engels poop. He was embarrassed but he noticed that he his not going to see him again, so then it was OK. Jen was trying to push everyone. Ilse like a track runner. Angela pushing herself to run more than anytime. Kenia like always running a lot and pushing everyone. Gerald helping everyone specially Juan because Juan weas trying really hard to continue to fun. Ana the track runner running normal because this is a piece of cake for her. Laura pushing Tracy and me because we had to go to the bathroom and we were behind everyone. Cindy running and trying to run more than last time. We went to the classroom and everyone was tired and we all started to read our independent books and at the end Engels was the first one to finish reading his book. Then we had to start our grammar class. It was fun because everyone was participating. Then we started to do our rough drafts of our interviews at first it was boring but when we saw that Jen was with sodas our lives changed. We all were happy. Then we started our science projects it was fun but hard then we got prepared to go to Sue’s house and ate dinner. Lasagna with salad. Yummm! It was delicious. We were eating and having fun. I was fighting with Engels but everything was a joke. Now we all need to run because we ate too much specially Kenia and Engels because they were fighting for the salad but we all know that always happens. Just kidding. Oh, I forgot! I saw a baby wearing sunglasses. It was so fun. He was so cute. Whoa! Good night!

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