Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back at Basecamp

Sunday, July 15th, Day 22
“The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war.”

We started our day but everyone was tired after a pretty exciting day of surfing. At 6:45 we got on our way to UCSB. Once there we started our physical fitness for 35 mintues. Everyone were pushing each other, good team work! After we were done running, everybody were all sweaty, but happy and with energy. After that we had grammar and CAHSEE class. We had oranges for snacks, mmm, que rico! We practiced the interviews with a partner, and everyone did it fast. Lunch then happened. We had sandwiches and grapes. We read the Phantom Tollbooth and then continued our science projects. When we finished our minds were all tired. During the ride back the science groups had to come up with a name of their project, but Juan and Kenia all ready had it, so it wasn’t a problem. The rest were thinking very hard but then God illuminated their heads and they started coming up with titles. Angela and Cindy’s title was “Wet today, Dry tomorrow.” I like it! Then Tracy and Luis came up with the name Clean + Oceans=Happy. Also Engles and Ilse got their title and it was “All floods down stream” and Gelald and Ana chose “Growing Problem.”

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