Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gnarly Waves, Dude...

Thanks Chipper and Matt for hooking it up for us...if anyone needs super fun, super safe surf lessons, check him out at www.surfclass.com.

Saturday, July 14th, Day 21
“To overcome all evil with some good is good; to overcome evil with evil is evil.”

Today we woke up like always ready to start a new day. We started with the normal activities except that today we didn’t run because of the quality of the air. Jen teached us some yoga, she is an expert. Then we had a leadership class. We packed our stuff and we started our ride to Ventura. During the way we decided our menu for our final expedition. Finally we found our surf instructors and then we started to feel the emotion of being in the ocean. We talked about the ocean and waves, and then we put on our wet suit and we took the surf tables. We practiced for a while and then we went to the water. At that moment, the emotion was big as the ocean. Everyone passed a good time surfing, swimming, fighting with the waves, incredible. Then some partners had a chance to enjoy a great time in the water. Then we took out all the equipment and we loaded the truck. Jen went to return the equipment, during that time we read the book Phantom Tollbooth. Finally we returned to Sedgwick Field Station. In the way back, Engles, Angela and me played Scrabble and the rest of the team was sleeping. In the field station we had the chance to take showers, we all took showers. Then the pizza was ready. WE all ate pepperoni pizza and salad. That was delicious!

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