Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 2 of Kayaking at Santa Cruz Island

Tuesday, July 10th, Day 17
“If anyone demonstrates to me and convinces me that I am thinking or acting incorrectly, I will happily change; for I wish to know the truth, which never caused injury to anyone.” Marcus Aurelius

Today we had an early wake-up at 6 a.m. because we had to be at the beach at 7:15 ready to start kayaking. We were in time and we had a nice warm up and 15 minutes later we inside the ocean in our kayaks. We had a small game of balancing on the kayak and paddle. Kenya and Anna were up and they were very confident. Engels stood up and was doing nice yoga (nice balance Engels!) but Tracey decided to stay down and watch Kenia and Ana fall. Then Luis stood up and Juan tried too, but both fell with a big smile. Ilse and Gerald were up but Engles gave them the chance to swim and enjoy the water. With the help of Morgan, Cindy and me stood up but we decided to stay sitted. Everyone was in chase of Morgan, but nobody got him wet. Later, we kept our way to see more caves. When we went back to the shore we took our gear off and said goodbye to Laurel and Shawn (our kayak instructors) with a big hug. We came back to camp and had snacks. When we were nice and dry we started our English class and we had our last rough draft of our poem. Then we had luch. Bagels with cream cheese, mmm. We started our science projects and they were about watersheds. After the class, we started our FREE TIME. Luis, Tracy, Juan, Ana and Ilse and Laura went to the beach while Cindy, Kenia, Gerald, Jen and Engles and me went for a hike and saw a wonderful view of the cliffs and the island.

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