Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Final Expedition in Sequoia starts today

Friday, July 27th, Day 27

“From small beginnings, they run their course; and once they have begun they cannot be turned back; thus it is with rivers, years, and friendships.”

Today we woke up at 6:15 a.m. like always but the difference is that yesterday we went to sleep at 10:40 p.m. We are going to Sequoia for 8 days, and I guess we are not taking a shower until we come back and the last time we took one was last Saturday the 14th. Nasty! We had breakfast, waffles, burritos from yesterday, coffee and juice. When we finished we had English class and finished our narrative biographies. Bravo! From there we hopped into the van, and we got comfortable because we have a 5 hour drive. On the van Jen showed us the newspaper with our pictures (we are famous). The Shizzle Masters were in the front page of the newspaper. Also we wrote letters to the other ARC members in Tahoe. They are worried about the evacuation, but we are going to calm them with our letters. For lunch we stopped at a park and ate sandwiches, like always. Jen and me ran to win the swings, while Ana and Tracy were playing on the slide and Ilse capturing the moment with Jen’s camera. Also Kenia, Engels, Cindy, Luis, Juan, and Gerald decided to play volleyball. Minutes later, Morgan and Laura arrived and we got on the road again. Inn the road people were talking about dog meat, commercials and MTV music awards, while Engles was so bored that he was singing the Backstreet Boy’s song.

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