Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Expedition #2: Channel Islands

Sunday, July 8th, Day 15

Angela our head honcho today told us we had 30 minutes to get our backpacks ready. But before that everyone had learned how to pack food and gear for our final. Then 2 hours later we had to be on the van ride to go to Santa Cruz Island. When we were in the van, everyone was excited to be in the boat, except Ana and me because we were scared. But when we got to the dock we ate our lunches really fast to get ready. So, we got into the boat and everyone was choosing their seats. I was scared but later I get used to it like Ana. We were pretty happy and we saw sea animals, especially dolphins and sea lions and a lot of birds…
Angela read the quote of the day and we started dinner. We were remembering when we started ARC and we were laughing about how we think that Luis was an instructor. Oh! I almost forgot. Before dinner when everyone was doing their own job a little fox peed on Gerald’s water bottle. It was so funny. And then after dinner we had to get our journals to start our first aid class with Morgan and Laura and we had 10 minutes to practice our presentations and after the 10 minutes Angela and Ilse presented about allergic reactions. It was really good and they acted like real actors, same as Kenia and Juan but their ABCS was like a comedy because they had a lot of humor. That’s just a summary about what we did today it was one of best days in ARC.

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